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  1. I’m currently pursuing a PhD at Brandeis University near Boston, MA. I’m also the Programming Director for Brandeis’ Women in Science Initiative. Brandeis’ Women in Science Initiative (WSI) stems from collaborative efforts among Brandeis’ Women’s and Gender Studies, Physical Science and Life Science Departments.

    We seek to create a community of graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty to foster the development of women in the sciences. In our short tenure, WSI has hosted women scientists from the Brandeis community as well as the greater Boston area to participate in dialogs about establishing mentor/mentee relationships, striking a work/life balance, pursuing alternative (non-academic) careers in science and finding one’s voice as a woman scientist.

    We’d like to invite local science writers to speak with WSI about alternative careers in the Sciences sometime in the Fall of 2010/Spring 2011. Might you pass this on to local science communicators? Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Is there a fee for posting a job for a writer for a scientific article– no research, just writing/revising a draft? If so, how much?
    How soon after I get you the information does it go to your member/writers?
    Thank you.
    Beth Bressan

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