Please RSVP for Chris Mooney’s Talk. 6pm Wednesday April 7th 2010

Chris Mooney
Blogger, freelance journalist and author.
6pm Wednesday April 7th 2010. Please RSVP to eugenie dot reich at gmail dot com
Chris Mooney blogs at and is the author of three books, including the bestseller The Republican War on Science. He writes about science and politics. He is a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT for 2009/2010.
Location: Seminar Room D463 (STAR) in the Stata Center (Building 32) at MIT. To reach the STAR room, enter the Stata building at 32 Vassar Street. Make sure that you are in the Dreyfoos part of the building, which is directly opposite the sign for 43 Vassar street and has three central elevators (If you find you are in the Gates building, you will need to walk to the other end of the building to find Dreyfoos.) Take the elevator to the Fourth Floor. Turn left out of the elevators, then immediately right, through a set of double doors, following signs to “R&D Common.” Walk past a pool table on the right towards an open area straight ahead with a red-orange carpet. Just before reaching the red-orange carpet, turn right, and walk straight ahead to 32-463, the STAR conference room.

Cost $5 pizza provided. Please RSVP to eugenie dot reich at gmail dot com

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