Calendar for Monday December 6th to Sunday December 12th

Monday December 6th, 2010.
“Alzheimer’s Disease: the pursuit of personalized medicine.”
Location: The Broad Institute, 7 Cambridge Center, Cambridge MA02142

Monday December 6th, 2010.
“The Neural Bases of integrative Moral Judgment”
Joshua Greene of Harvard
Location: Center for Brain Science, Northwest Building 353, 52 Oxford Street, Cambridge MA[field_speaker-title]-neural-bases-integrative-moral-judgment

Monday December 6th, 2010.
“Taking a page from Nature: Materials Crafted from Molecules”
Aaron Esser-Kahn, University of Illinois
Location: MIT Building 6-120

Monday December 6th, 2010.
“Cosmic Explosions, Hot Dust, and the Instruments that Observe Them”
Ori Fox of NASA Goddard SFC.
Location: College of Arts and Sciences Room 502, 725 Commonwealth Avenue, 5th Floor.

Monday December 6th, 2010.
“Geometry and the Brain: Patterns in the brain-cortical organization”
L. Madadevan MIT
Location: MIT Building 46-3002

Monday December 6th, 2010.
“Creative Ceilings: How We Use Errors, Failure and Physical Limitations as Catalysts for Culinary Innovation”
David Chang
Location: Science Center D, One Oxford St, Cambridge MA
Tuesday December 7th, 2010.
“Making Nuclear Energy Suitable for More of the World’s Energy Supply”
Matthew Bunn of Harvard Belfer Center
Location: HUCE Seminar Room, 3rd Floor, 24 Oxford St, Cambridge MA

Tuesday December 7th, 2010.
“The Electrons in Your Pencil: Observations of a Carbon Flatland”
Michael Crommie of University of California, Berkeley
Location: SCI 107, Boston University Physics Department, 590 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston MA.
Tuesday December 7th, 2010.
“Electrophysiological measures of word processing during reading”
Phillip Holcomb, Tufts University
Location: 1st Floor Conference Room, Building 75, Martinos Center, 149 Thirteenth Street, Suite 2301, Charlestown, Massachusetts 02129.

Tuesday December 7th, 2010.
“Brain Science and Society: Thinking about the Future”
Steven Hyman, Professor of Neurobiology at Harvard Medical School, Provost of Harvard
Location: Harvard Allston Education Portal, 175 North Harvard St, Boston MA

Wednesday December 8th, 2010.
Andy Finton, Director, Conservation Science Conservancy
Location: Harvard Law School, Pound Hall 100, 1563 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA

Wednesday December 8th, 2010.
Location: Johnny D’s Restaurant and Music Club, 17 Holland St. Davis Square Somerville
Cost $15 per person (NESW members, Knights, Boot Campers) and $20 for other guests; price includes non-alcoholic beverages. Deadline to register is today (Friday).

Thursday December 9th, 2010.
“The Formation of Massive Stars”
Chris McKee of Harvard
Location: Harvard-Smitsonian Center for Astrophysics Phillips Auditorium, Building D, 60 Garden Street, Cambridge MA

Thursday December 8th, 2010.
“Our ‘Grand’ Genome”
Panel with Kevin Davies, George Church, Philip Reilly
Cost $35
Location: 500 Technology Square, First Floor Conference Room

Thursday December 8th, 2010.
“Discovering near-Earth Asteroids”
Grant Stokes
Location: Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Phillips Auditorium, 60 Garden Street, Cambridge MA.

Friday December 10th, 2010
1pm “Using Humor to Reverse Engineer the Mind”
Dan Dennett
Location: B 19 (Basement) 745 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston MA

Saturday December 11th, 2010.
“Capturing Fossils with Pencil and Paper”
Erica Beade
Location: Harvard Museum of Natural History, 26 Oxford Street, Cambridge MA.

Sunday December 12th, 2010.
“The Life of Rice”
Richard Sobol
Location: Harvard Museum of Natural History, 26 Oxford Street, Cambridge MA

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