Video and audio of journalist-blogging event

Courtesy gazzaPax/Creative Commons License.

About 50 people joined us at the Harvard Faculty Club 19 January 2011 for our health and science journalism blogging panel.

The video and audio of the event are now available at MIT Tech TV, thanks to the generous support of the National Association of Science Writers. The video was produced by Dianne Finch and filmed by Finch and Arezu Sarvestani. Finch is the multimedia manager at the Knight Science Journalism program.

The panel featured:

A more detailed write-up with many link mentioned in the talk can be found at Gravity Surfing. The blogging event organized by freelance journalist Carol Cruzan Morton. Additional assistance at the event was provided by Boston University graduate students Emily Greenhalgh, Arezu Sarvestani and Kristen Stivers.


  • Optimal viewing: Update your Adobe Flash Player.
  • Thin walls: In the video and the audio, the nonsequitur clapping and laughing comes from a different event in the room next door.

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