The Science of Counting Fish: June 18

What: Fishermen and some scientists rail against catch limits they believe are overly harsh, imposed by marine scientists and government officials who claim that certain species are dangerously overfished. The science of assessing fish populations is inexact, say our two speakers, who will discuss new technologies under development that may more accurately “count” fish and know whether or not fisheries are indeed healthy.

When: 2 pm, Saturday, June 18

Where: New Bedford Whaling Museum, downtown New Bedford ($10 per person at the door)

Who: Ocean engineer Hanumant Singh, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; and
Marine biologist Kevin Stokesbury, School for Marine Science & Technology, UMass Dartmouth

Reception:  4:30-5:30 pm, at a pub up the street (cash bar).

RSVP: to organizer Ann Parson parson-a (at) by June 14 (or call 508-984-1955). Parking & bus information upon RSVP.

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