NESW party rocks the Pru at AAAS

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Carol Morton (far left) leads the dancing
Carol Morton (far left) leads the dancing

More than 800 science journos, students, PIOs, ands guests partied and networked Saturday, February 16 at the New England Science Writers reception for communicators covering the 2013 annual American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting.

Fresh from a day of AAAS presentations on everything from brain plasticity to cosmic microwaves to sparse phenomena, science writers were treated to panoramic nighttime views of a bejeweled Boston from the 50th floor of the Prudential Tower. When not reserved for private functions, the well-windowed floor serves as the landmark building’s Skywalk Observatory.

Karen Weintraub (left) Claudia Dreifus (right)

The feast for the eyes was matched by the one for the palate.  The Kobe beef–Vermont cheddar sliders went fast. The servings of lobster salad on brioche rolls weren’t far behind. The mashed-potato martini bar lured many into carbo-loaded decadence.The Saturday evening event had dodged a wintertime Boston bullet: a major snowstorm just a week earlier led to a weekend travel ban and to cancellation of two events in the Skywalk space.

The dancing was a little slow in getting started. But by party’s end, the dance floor was jammed and jumping and the nearby windows steamed up. When DJ Scott Arrington of Murray Hill Talent tried to wrap things up with “Sexyback,”the went up: “One more song! One more song!” Arrington obliged with Flo Rida’s “Wild Ones.”

Andrew Moseman
Andrew Moseman

Meanwhile, a group from CEMI Electronic Media Institute, based in nearby Somerville, was serving up science-themed video art spliced together with logos of the sponsoring institutions.

And no doubt: the gala was possible only through the generous contributions of our sponsors.

Glow sticks proved to be very popular party favors.  Neon-colored headdresses, necklaces, and bracelets were the fashion statement (and competition) for the evening.

As the party broke up, guests reunited with their coats—both coatrooms were filled to the max so late arrivals heaped their outerwear on the floor. Others queued patiently for the elevators. A few peeled off to thank-slash-praise for great time they had—and for the glow sticks.


2013-02-16 21.18.18
Noelle Swan (left) Pete Spotts (right)

Richard Saltus chaired the NESW Gala committee, assisted notably by Carol Morton, Neil Savage, Susan Spitz, Peter Spotts, Noelle Swan, Thomas Ulrich, and Peter Wehrwein. Everyone contributed but Richard, Carol, Tom, and Noelle deserve a special shout out for making the party such a success.

Other committee members and gala volunteers included Mary Agner, Adrianne Appel, Trina Arpin, Lisa Drew, Marty Downs, Deborah Halber, David Holzman, Daniel Hudon, Joyce Peterson, and Karen Weintraub. Author Bill Sargent set up a table to display books by NESW authors.

A special thanks to Richard Tominsky and his superb catering staff at Top of the Hub Restaurant & Skywalk and to James Arthur, Mihai Dinulescu, Priscilla Graeff, Russell W. Hanson and their colleagues at CEMI Electronic Media Institute for the generative science art and interactive video displays.

And grazie mille to Deborah Perugi, who designed the fabulous flier and poster for the event.

Party Flyer designed by Deb Perugi
Party flier designed by Deb Perugi.

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