Into the Woods at Harvard Forest

witnesstreeNESW members are invited to spend Sunday, May 3, for a day at Harvard Forest in Petersham, MA. It’s one in a network of 27 NSF-funded Long-Term Ecological Research stations that stretch from Antarctica to Alaska. Set up in 1907 by scientists at Harvard University, the site became part of the NSF’s network in 1988. We’ll spend the day with researchers who are studying land-use changes as well as the forest’s response to stresses that range from intense storms and climate change to air pollution. And, hey, it’s a chance to get outside after one bodaciously awful winter!

Plan on arriving between 9:30 a.m. and 10:00. We’ll be making the rounds until about 4:00 p.m., with time out for a bring-your-own-lunch lunch. Sturdy shoes and layers are the order of the day, in case we haven’t shaken the last vestiges of this past winter.

There is no charge for this event. But seating, or perhaps we should say sauntering, is limited to 20-25 participants. That’s about the most that can surround a scientist and still hear him or her beneath the trees. So get your bid in early.

To reach the research station from Boston, take Route 2 west to Exit 17 (Route 32) and head south 3 miles to Petersham. If you are coming from Boston, or even if you aren’t, here‘s what Google Maps shows.

Interested in carpooling? If you can give a ride, or if you want a ride, add your name in the comments section below and get in touch with each other!

Sign up here:


  1. For those coming from the south, there is a terrific restaurant on your way where you can pick up a sandwich. They make lunch all day. It’s Rose 32 Bread and Bakery on Rt. 32 in Hardwick (Gilbertville) just north of Ware. You continue on 32A to Petersham.

  2. I just joined this outing late and would also like to join a carpool if possible. I live in Boston

    1. Peter — would you be able to come to Roxbury Crossing (Orange) line T at 8am? Or maybe Alewife at 815? I live in roxbury. Send me a message at

  3. An email sent to the group yesterday with a link to driving instructions carries an incorrect cell number. My cell is 508-685-7938.

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